CRISPRing Conference Programme


CRISPRing – A New Beginning for the Genetic Improvement of Plants and Microbes

3-5 September 2018, Budapest (Hungary)


Ervin Balázs (MTA ATK, Hungary), Wendy Harwood (JIC, UK), László Sági (MTA ATK, Hungary)



Final programme of the CRISPRing conference pdf

Day 1
(venue: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Széchenyi sqr. 9)

Conference Registration (13.00-14.00)
Opening Session (14.00-14.30)
chaired by Ervin Balázs (Hungary)
Prof Beáta Barnabás (Deputy Secretary of the Hungarian Acadeny of Sciences) Welcome address
Dr. Rafael Blasco (INIA, Spain; Member of the CRP Scientific Advisory Body) Welcome and overview of OECD Co-operative Research Programme
Session 1. CRISPR Technology (14.30-17.30)
chaired by Mariette Andersson (Sweden) & Zoltán Divéki (Hungary)
Yiping Qi (USA) Revolutionizing plant breeding with CRISPR-Cas genome editing tools
Keiji Nishida (Japan) Base editing and its applications in various organisms
Coffee break(15.30-16.15)
Seiichi Toki (Japan) The use of natural and engineered CRISPR variants in plants
Chidananda Kanchiswamy (Ireland) DNA-free genome editing for sustainable crop improvement

Day 2
(venue: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Széchenyi sqr. 9)

Session 2. Applications in Plant Science (8.30-12.30)
chaired by Wendy Harwood (UK) & Zsófia Bánfalvi (Hungary)
Wendy Harwood (UK) Use of CRISPR/Cas9 for cereal genome engineering
Eva Stöger (Austria) Applying CRISPR/Cas to improve recombinant protein production in plants
Véronique Bergougnoux-Fojtik (Czech Republic) Genome editing for drought tolerance in barley
Coffee break(10.00-10.30)
Mariette Andersson (Sweden) Transgene-free CRISPR-Cas9 inducing multiallelic mutations in tetraploid potato (Solanum tuberosum)
Zsófia Bánfalvi (Hungary) Agrobacterium-mediated targeted mutagenesis in the potato cultivar Désirée
Jean-Denis Faure (France) Modifying gene dosage in hexaploid Camelina sativa
Stefan Jansson (Sweden) Genome editing using CRISPR-Cas9 and the EU GMO legislation
Travel by bus to Eger, with lunch boxes (12.30-14.30)
Session 3. Regulatory Aspects (15.00-17.30)
(with the trip in Eger!)
Geert Glas (Belgium) Invited conveners to moderate juridical, technical, ethical and economic aspects of regulating genome edition
René Custers (Belgium
Petra Jorasch (ESA, Brussels)
Social programme (guided walk, wine-tasting, 17.30-19.00; dinner, 19.00-21.00)
Bus to Budapest (21.00-22.30)

Day 3
(venue: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Széchenyi sqr. 9)

Session 4. CRISPR in Microbiology (9.00-12.30)
chaired by Attila Molnár (UK) & Tamás Fehér (Hungary)
Attila Molnár (UK) Efficient transgene-free targeted DNA editing and replacement in green algae
Tamás Fehér (Hungary) CRISPR-based modulation of bacterial genome stability
Irina Borodina (Denmark) Application of CRISPR genome editing for creating novel yeast cell factories
Coffee break (10.30-11.00)
Uffe Mortensen (Denmark) Tools for exploiting fungi as production and discovery platforms
Thomas Vogl (Israel) Recent technology developments and applications for CRISPR based engineering of Pichia pastoris
Ileana Vigentini (Italy) New frontiers of wine biotechnology: a perspective on the CRISPR technology in yeasts
Lunch break (13.00-14.00)
Closing session (14.00-16.00)
chaired by Peter Kearns (OECD) & Ervin Balázs (Hungary)
Margaret Rosso Grossman (USA) GE technology in the United States: regulation and innovation
Peter Kearns (OECD) Discussion and presentation of Policy Brief, wrap up, networking
Ervin Balázs (Hungary) Closing remarks: the way forward
Press conference (16 30)